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Competitive Service Providers (CSP)

Welcome to our Virginia service territory. The information here pertains only to Virginia customers served by Appalachian Power Company.

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding Virginia Choice, please contact virginiachoiceoperations@aep.com.

Register with APCO

Testing And and Certification

EDI testing is not currently available at this time. Please contact virginiachoiceoperations@aep.com for more information.

Register with AEP as a Provider in Virginia

Prior to submitting an application for registration with APCO, an applicant must obtain either a Competitive Service Provider (CSP) License or an Aggregator License from the Virginia State Corporation Commission. To register as a provider in APCO's Virginia Customer Choice Program, download and print the applicable registration application form. Once you have completed the form, please mail it to AEP as instructed on the registration form. You may fax your application to 614-716-1405 to get the process started. You still must send your original application to AEP through the US mail or by courier, along with your registration application fee of $100, payable to "American Electric Power".

CSP Required Collateral Formats

Based on an evaluation of financial information provided with the registration application, AEP will determine whether a given Supplier is creditworthy. If a Supplier has an investment grade rating by two out of three rating agencies (Standard & Poor's, Moody's or Fitch), it may be granted an unsecured credit limit. If a Supplier does not have an investment grade rating by at least two of the above mentioned agencies, the Supplier must provide either a parent guaranty, an irrevocable letter of credit, a surety bond or cash deposit. The following files contain the required and only acceptable formats for financial instruments to be used if AEP notifies you that you must provide collateral.

For more information about credit analysis and collateral only contact Columbus_Credit@aep.com.

License Provider Agreement

The following file is the CSP/AEP Agreement which will need to be executed prior to receiving notification of registration in AEP's Virginia service territory.

We have provided the basic agreements to allow you time to review the content and help expedite the registration process. Please note that the required agreement will depend upon the type of license the provider has obtained from the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

For More Information Contact:

Robert J. Hewitt
American Electric Power
Customer Choice Processes and Systems
Phone: 614.716.1497
Email: rjhewitt@aep.com
Fax: 614.716.1405

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