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Mass Customer List

Competitive Service Providers (CSP's) licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) and registered with us may request a copy of the Mass Customer List. Complete and submit the following document to Provider Support as directed at the top of the document. The fee is $150 for each customer list requested.

We update the Mass Customer list and make it available on a monthly basis. This list includes the best available data from our billing system. CSP's must complete a request form each time they wish to obtain the Mass Customer List. To the extent that a CSP wishes to use the customer list in its marketing efforts, the CSP must use the most recent list available. We assume no liability for the accuracy of the information on the list, including the customers’ eligibility to take competitive energy services.

Mass Customer List File Layout

The Mass Customer List has no delimiters, and each record contains 1273 bytes as a fixed length. This layout is contained in the spreadsheet below and will be included along with the electronic copy of the customer list.

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