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Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake near Rocky Mount, Virginia, provides 500 miles of shoreline to one of Virginia's most popular recreation areas. The lake was formed by Appalachian Power's Smith Mountain Pumped Hydro Project. It is 40 miles long and covers 20,00 acres.

The Wetlands of Winfield

The Wetlands of Winfield is an environmental educational facility. Appalachian Power and Toyota Motor Manufacturing of West Virginia partnered to build the facility, part of a 22-acre wetlands in Putnam County, West Virginia next to the Kanawha River between the John Amos Power Plant and Winfield.

Home to nearly a half-mile of nature trails and boardwalk observation sites, the facility lets student groups walk through and observe the wetlands without damaging them. A stage area gives educators a place to gather students for discussion and signs highlight important aspects of the wetlands.

The Wetlands of Winfield is open only for pre-scheduled, educational visits for students or other groups.

To schedule a visit, contact:

Cassandra Haynes
John Amos Plant

Why Wetlands are Important

Wetlands - a place "where the land meets the water" - are areas of very shallow water and special soil that allow certain plant life to grow. Wetlands are important for many reasons:

  • They reduce flooding. Wetlands can hold a lot of water, so they act as a sponge to help keep excess rainwater from spilling over into our streets and neighborhoods.
  • They're important for what we call "groundwater recharge." Water from the wetlands seeps down through the ground to replace water in our drinking wells.
  • Wetlands naturally clean our water. Pollutants are removed from our water by plants and bacteria found in wetlands.
  • Wetlands provide a habitat for a large number of plants and animals that cannot live anywhere else.
  • In some areas, wetlands are used for fisheries, cranberry production and fur trapping, providing an economic boost to the area.
  • Plus, wetlands give us a backyard full of recreational fun and educational experience.

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