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Appalachian Power Electric Rates

Our job is to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable electric service to our 1 million customers across Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. It is what our customers expect and it is our purpose.

We're continually working to keep electricity costs as low as possible. We work hard to make our processes more efficient to reduce our operational costs and to provide new programs to improve our interactions with you.

Your electric bill is made up of all the costs to provide service to you. The cost of fuel - coal and natural gas - and environmental controls on our plants are among those costs. A customer's bill also includes the cost of ensuring the reliability of the transmission and distribution system. Over the past decade, we've invested millions of dollars in improvements to our transmission and distribution lines and equipment. These improvements not only ensure grid reliability, but also improve a customer's overall electric service by helping pinpoint potential issues and outages. Millions of dollars are also expended each year as we work to reduce outages through investments in our vegetation management program.

Energy use can increase during certain times of the year for many common reasons, like colder and warmer weather. With limited access to natural gas, many Appalachian Power customers heat and cool their homes with electricity, resulting in higher electric bills than those in areas where customers use both natural gas and electricity, and receive bills for both. However, overall costs for energy remain low compared to other states.

You can learn more about the investments we make to ensure reliable and affordable electric service in the following videos:

Check out the video below to better understand what impacts your bill most - and the actions you can take to save energy and money.

A Customer's Bill

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