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Service Delivery Identification Number

The Service Delivery Identification Number (SDI) identifies a customer account for all choice transactions in Virginia. The SDI number is assigned first to a specific physical location, and second to the tariff level. It is possible that multiple SDIs belong to one customer account number. All SDIs associated to the same physical location and customer will be billed together when we present the bill.

A different provider can be selected for each SDI by the customer. The SDI number will always stay with the premise location. The SDI does not stay with the customer after moving to another location.

Some Illustrative Examples of Multiple SDIs

  1. A location where there is a meter and a non-metered load such as an outdoor light, would have two SDIs, because each of these are billed on a different tariff.
  2. If there are two or more meters at a premise location, but each is on the same tariff, there would be only one SDI.
  3. If there are two meters, and each is billed on a separate tariff, such as in the case of a residence and a separate garage or barn, there would be two SDIs, because there are two tariffs.
  4. If there is a meter and three different types and sizes of outdoor lights at a premise, each type and size of light would be billed under a separate tariff. Adding the metered tariff, would total four SDIs for this premise.

If this same premise had multiple numbers of lights such as two - 175 Watt Mercury Vapor enclosed lights, three- 100 Watt High Pressure Sodium enclosed lights, and one- 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium Floodlight, there would still be four SDIs. In the case of outdoor lights, the tariff is based upon the size and type; the quantity does not matter. So, both 175 Watt Mercury Vapor enclosed lights would be covered by one SDI. The same would be true of the three 100 Watt High Pressure Sodium lights, which would be covered by one SDI. The one 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium Floodlight would also have an SDI, since it has a unique type and size.

Service Delivery Identification Number Format

The SDI is a 17 character number with the following format:

Character Position Data Definition
1 - 2 (2 characters) State compliant data
3 - 7 (5 characters) AEP Operating Company D.O.E. number
8 - 9 (2 characters) AEP company code*
10 - 17 (8 characters) Randomly generated number within the company partition
*The company code for Appalachian Power Company is 02.

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