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Virginia Off-Peak Charging

Nothing beats the ease and convenience of charging your EV at home, while your family sleeps. And nothing beats the price. Our Off-Peak rates give you significant savings - enough to drive thousands of free miles year after year.

To take advantage of the Off-Peak rate as an Appalachian Power customer, you’ll need:

1 A plug-in EV (own or lease)
2 A home in Virginia
3 Your primary house meter must be an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) meter

There is no fee to sign up. Apply now and start saving. See complete details at Tariff RS-PEV.

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Make The Off-Peak Rate Work For You

Save 15% During Off-Peak Hours

  • Save about 15% when you charge overnight (between 8pm-6am) Monday through Friday
  • Save about 15% when you charge any time on weekends and major holidays

Save a lot when you switch from gas, Save even more when you charge off-peak.

Annual Cost to Drive a Full-Size Vehicle 12,000 Miles Per Year

Powered by gasoline*
$960 to drive per year
Powered by Standard Residential** A savings of $841!
$350 to drive per year
EV powered by Off-Peak Residential*** An additional savings of $80!
$235 to drive per year

*3.59/gallon **Standard Residential Rate: 16.5 cents/kwh ***Off-Peak Rate: 13.8 cents/kwh

Getting started with electric charging Start saving time and money with Off-Peak Charging.

Installing an At-home EV charging meter

We recommend hiring a licensed electrician to install the necessary sub-meter, according to the schematic below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Off-peak rates apply from 8pm-6am, Monday-Friday. They apply all 24-hours on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

You can charge your EV during the day, but there is an additional surcharge of 5.8 cents/kwh added to the normal Residential Rate during On-Peak hours. You’ll get the benefit of the lower rate when your charge your electric vehicle Off-Peak.

Time of use metering under an electricity supply service tariff having no demand charge is not currently permitted by the regulations governing net energy metering.

You will need an additional meter base and EV meter. Both are provided to you free of charge, but you will be responsible for hiring an electrician to install the meter base in the PEV charging circuit. Once that is complete and has passed an electrical inspection we will install the new EV meter.

Like the primary electric meter, it remains with the house and we maintain ownership of both. Being Off-Peak ready is a great selling point when selling your home.

Your application undergoes a review for eligibility immediately, and we’ll coordinate with you to install a EV meter once your electrical installation is inspected.

Want to Learn More About Electric Cars?

Visit the Electric Cars page for more information about choosing an electric vehicle to meet your needs.

Still have questions? Email us at pev@aep.com or call 1.800.956.4237.

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