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Load Profiles

All load profiling shall be performed by American Electric Power. Sample data and customer specific interval metering, when available, will be used in the development of the total load profile for which the Energy Service Provider is responsible for providing generation and possibly transmission services.

The file below contains the Load profiles for the residential, small general service, medium general service, large general service, and sanctuary worship service accounts. Not included in the profiles are the Virginia Public Authority and Commonwealth of Virginia accounts of all classes, as they will not be eligible to participate.

Each row contains data for one day, including year, month, day, day-of-week indicator (1=Sun ... 7=Sat) and the 24 hourly average per customer kW usage values. All information is expressed in hour-ending local time. The 3:00 value when Daylight Savings Time begins in March is 0, and in November when Daylight Savings Time ends the value is the average of the two overlapping hourly values.

Participant List and Profile Mapping

The following is the mapping of Load profiles listed on the Participant List, available only to SCC Licensed and AEP Registered Competitive Service Providers.

Class Load Profile
Residential Class LRVARSAR
Small General Service Class LRVASGSR
Medium General Service Class LRVAMGSM
Large General Service Class LRVALGSM
Sanctuary Worship Service Class LRVASWSR
Large Power Service Class (Secondary) LRVALP2M
Large Power Service Class (Primary) LRVALPPM
Large Power Service Class (Sub-Transmission) LRVALPSR
Large Power Service Class (Transmission) LRVALPTR

Load profiles for Outdoor Lights and Street Lighting

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