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Once you select a provider, or become part of an aggregation group, find your Service Delivery Identifier (SDI) number on your Appalachian Power Virginia monthly bill. You have a unique SDI for each service delivery point you have, and you must provide the SDI for each service you want to switch. Please note, your SDI number is not the same as your account number. The Competitive Service Provider (CSP) you select will be responsible for notifying us 15 calendar days prior to the next scheduled meter read date of your request to switch to a different supplier. The date your switch request is received influences the effective date of the switch.

Once your new provider notifies us of your intent to take service from them, we send you a confirmation letter. If you don’t object by notifying us within 10 days of the postmark date, the switch is effective on the effect date listed in the letter. If you do not agree to the switch, you will remain with your current CSP or with us, whichever is your current supplier. You may switch providers only once in any billing month.

You may return to our standard service offer in accordance with the tariff. Call us at 888-237-5566 (available 24 hours) to do so. You may be subject to early termination fees from your provider so be sure to check the terms of your contract.

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