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Payment Assistance

We recognize that financial hardships happen, and sometimes you need a little extra support paying your bill. The following options do things like give more time to pay, set up payment plans, and harness the power of our communities to help reduce your payment. Let's work together to find the right option for you.

Payment Extensions & Arrangements

Just need a few days and can pay in full? A payment extension may be the right choice. Need to spread out payments over a few months? An extended payment arrangement helps you do just that.

Payment Assistance Programs

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) LIHEAP provides federally funded assistance to help families manage energy costs.
Neighbor to Neighbor Bill Pay Assistance Appalachian Power partners with Dollar Energy Fund to help families pay their electric bills. Grants apply directly to an account that prevents disconnection of or restores electric service.

Helping Others in our Communities

Help Someone Facing Disconnection You can help a relative or friend keep their power on by getting notifications when they are at risk of being disconnected. Often, people add this service to accounts of vulnerable customers (those with mental impairments, illness, or advanced age) who have difficulty understanding Appalachian Power's disconnection process, but this free service is available for any customer.

How Third-Party Notifications work:

  1. Print a Third-Party Authorization Form
  2. The account holder must complete, sign, and mail it to the address on the form, authorizing you to receive notifications on their behalf
  3. As an authorized third-party, you will receive copies of the billings if electric service is at risk of being disconnected due to non-payment

You will not be responsible for paying the bill.

Donate to Customers in Need The Neighbor to Neighbor program helps customers maintain electric service by taking donations and applying a utility assistance grant directly to their bill. Together, we can make a big impact.
Surprise Someone You Love Direct gifts to a recipient of your choice through our Friends & Family Direct program. You decide the amount to give, and your loved one's account will be credited immediately upon receipt. Download and mail the Friends & Family Direct form to brighten someone's day.

Medical Certification Programs

Medical Condition Certification - Virginia If you are a Virginia customer and someone in your household has a serious medical condition, please have your physician complete a Medical Condition Certification form and send it to:

Appalachian Power
1 AEP Way
Hurricane, WV 25526

You may also fax the completed form to 800.281.3916.
This form is for Virginia customers only.

Medical Condition Certification – West Virginia West Virginia customers must provide written certification from a currently licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant that termination of service would be dangerous to the customer or a permanent member of the customer's household for medical reasons.

Participating in the medical certificate program does not relieve you from the obligation of paying your electric bill and does not prohibit disconnection of your electric service.
Life Support Program Appalachian Power is sensitive to customers who require essential medical equipment to protect their well-being. Our Life Support Program helps ensure careful handling of the accounts of customers who depend upon life support equipment when experiencing difficulty paying their electric bills or facing disconnection.

Participation does not prohibit disconnection of your electric service for nonpayment and it does not mean that you will not experience power outages. Due to the nature of restoration activity, we cannot assure priority restoration for customers using life support devices. Customers with medical needs should prepare in advance for extended outages due to storms or other outage conditions.

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