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Metering Schedules, Usage, & Codes

You may request an interval meter and pay the cost of any interval metering facilities that we install at your request. In addition, you are responsible for paying a monthly net charge to cover incremental cost of operation and maintenance and meter data management associated with such interval metering.

If you require 12 months of use history on an account that currently has interval metering, please contact Provider support. You are responsible for payment of $50 for any 12 month interval use history. This information will be mailed to you on a floppy disk or via a file attachment to an e-mail.

The attached file provides the current pricing list for interval meters.

Interval Meter Costs

Usage History Authorization Form

If you require 12 months of usage history on a customer prior to completing your State license and Appalachian Power Virginia registration, you must submit a signed Letter of Authorization from the customer before Appalachian Power Virginia will release any customer information to you. The following file contains the approved format for this authorization. Once completed and signed by the customer, email the customer authorization and the request to virginiachoiceoperations@aep.com. There will be no charge for requests on 25 accounts or less. If there are more than 25 accounts for which information is requested, you will be billed at a rate of $25 per hour based on the actual time to process these requests. The usage history will be mailed to the address named on the request form.

Meter Reading Schedule and Codes

The following spreadsheet contains the meter reading schedules by cycle number for the year as noted in the file name below.

The following file provides a list of all the meter reading codes used by AEP for your reference.

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