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Stay Warm And Manage Your Bill

During winter, you will likely see a higher-than-normal bill compared with other months. This is especially true if you heat your home with electric.

We know it's difficult when the amount due is more than expected, and bills will be higher this winter due to higher fuel costs. It costs more today to generate electricity than it did last year because the cost of coal, natural gas and purchased power have all increased due to inflation and the ongoing war in the Ukraine.

We have ways to help.

Please contact our Customer Solutions Center at 800.956.4237 or send us a private message on Facebook to discuss the right payment option for you. Here are some of the options available to customers.

  • Enroll in our Average Monthly Payment Plan (AMP). AMP evens payments throughout the year to account for seasonal spikes in usage. Bills adjust on a 12-month rolling average and change only slightly each month, making bills more predictable. And unlike traditional budget billing plans, there is no settle-up month. Read more information about AMP.
  • Set up a payment plan. In cases where payments have fallen behind, it may make sense to establish a payment arrangement. We offer

Payment Assistance Programs

Appalachian Power coordinates with outside agencies to provide resources for customer assistance. Learn about the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance and Neighbor to Neighbor bill assistance programs.

Why Is My Bill Generally Higher In The Winter?

Even if you have lowered your thermostat, extremely cold weather can require your heat pump to change how it operates. When outdoor temperatures fall below 30 degrees, heat pumps need help from less efficient supplemental electric resistance heat to maintain indoor warmth. In extreme cold periods, when heating needs are highest, most of the heat provided comes from the less efficient supplemental electric resistance heat. This is how your bill can increase, even if it seems you haven't done anything differently.

Learn more about how heat pumps work in this video from Community Housing Partners, a Virginia-based non-profit focusing on affordable housing.

What you can do to reduce your electricity usage

  • Limit your use of space heaters. Electricity to run just one 1,500-watt space heater can cost more than $4 a day, or $30 a week and $130 a month. If you use more than one space heater, your costs go up even more.
  • Check out our other energy savings tips
  • Check out energy efficiency programs at TakeChargeWV.com or TakeChargeVA.com including:
  • Home energy assessments
  • Low-income weatherization
  • Appliance recycling

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