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Paying it forward

April 29, 2021

DUBLIN, Va. - The building that's home to the Dublin Volunteer Fire Department is sporting a new look and feel thanks to a generous gift from the AEP Foundation. With a nearly $25,000 Foundation grant, the agency installed new windows and lighting to improve the building's overall energy efficiency.

"We can't thank the Foundation enough for this tremendous gift," said Fire Marshal Robbie Cecil. "We couldn't have done this work without the grant and you can already feel the difference the improvements have made in the building."

The grant also had an unexpected ripple effect in the community. The Fire Department sought bids for the purchase and installation of the windows and lighting, and two local companies were awarded the contract.

Appalachian Power's Steve Knowles and Franklin Cregger were recently invited by the Volunteer Fire Department to tour the facility and see the improvements. Both employees were impressed with what they saw.

"This grant has made a real difference in the community," explained Knowles. "This is an example of paying it forward. It's not just helping the fire department and town, but also providing work for a local company and their employees."

The AEP Foundation awarded the grant in 2020. External Affairs Manager Amanda Cox helped coordinate the application process.

"Volunteer fire departments are a vital part of any community, but especially those in rural areas," said Cox. "This is a perfect example of a project that will benefit the department and area for many years, and each of us is honored to be part of making it happen."


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