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The aggregation of 2 or more non-residential retail customers in order to reach the 5 MW threshold of eligibility as long as these non-residential customers petition and receive approval from the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

We support the creation of a competitive electricity market. We believe you should receive the benefits of competition at the same time and you should be free to buy electricity from anyone you choose.

How we operate today

Today, a single utility generates, transmits and distributes electric power. You purchase these services as a single product at a single rate approved by the state regulatory commission. This is known as "bundled" service.

Anticipated changes

Electricity industry restructuring will "unbundle" electricity supply (generation) from delivery (transmission and distribution). As a result, you may choose which company supplies electricity to you. As your local utility company, we still will deliver the power through our existing lines and equipment.

What will change:

Energy Supply

  • You select the company that supplies the energy you use
  • Suppliers will compete to sell energy to you
  • Pricing for this portion of your service will reflect competition

What will stay the same:

Energy Delivery (transmission & distribution)

  • Your existing utility company will deliver power to you through the same equipment it uses today
  • Safety, reliability and service standards will be the delivery company's responsibility with regulatory oversight
  • Pricing for this portion of your service will be approved by regulators

We welcome competition to the electricity supply market. Restructuring the electric utility industry will allow you to choose who provides the electricity for your business.

Regulations allow you, a non-residential customer, to select a Competitive Service Provider (CSP) whose generation source is not 100% renewable energy. You are eligible to choose a CSP if your business uses 5 MW or more a year. If it doesn’t, you may aggregate your usage with another small business to meet the minimum 5 MW threshold to choose a CSP.

All electric providers in Virginia must be licensed by the Virginia State Corporate Commission (SCC) before they can sign up customers. Additionally, providers must register with us. CSPs include companies that supply electricity as a retail generation provider, but they also include aggregators.

An aggregator is a person, local government or organization that brings together a group of customers and negotiates the price and other details for electric supply service on their behalf. If for some reason your provider does go out of business, you will be switched back to Appalachian Power until you choose a new provider.

Virginia Energy Choice also provides helpful information on these topics:

  1. How to choose a Competitive Service Provider
  2. How to compare prices
  3. Questions and answers about choosing a provider
  4. Your rights

Appalachian Power is required by law to provide your name, address and usage information on a list of eligible customers to electric providers. If you do not wish to be included on this list, fill out the Opt Off/Opt On form, or call Appalachian Power at 888.237.5566, or write to us at 1 AEP Way, Hurricane, WV 25526.

The key to the success of Electric Choice for you is becoming an informed consumer.

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