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2021 Wind and Solar Energy "REC" RFP

Appalachian Power Company, an American Electric Power company, is pursuing wind and solar generation resources consistent with the requirements of the Virginia Clean Economy Act for a Phase I utility via three requests for proposals (RFPs) as follows:

  • PSA: 300 MW Solar and Wind RFP via a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) for purchase of 100% equity interest in a project company. This RFP was issued on February 15, 2021 and proposals were received on March 31, 2021.
  • PPA: Solar and Wind Resource RFP via one or more long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs). The PPA RFP has been issued separately at www.appalachianpower.com/rfp.
  • RECs: RFP for renewable energy certificates (RECs) only.

Appalachian Power Company has issued the REC RFP to obtain Renewable Energy Certificates generated by solar or wind facilities.

REC Proposals will be evaluated based on criteria outlined in the REC RFP. To qualify for consideration:

  • Proposals shall be for RECs that are unit contingent from Facilities located in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Term must be 30 years beginning January 1, 2025.
  • Refer to the REC RFP for Eligibility and Threshold criteria (§8.1).

Projects must conform to the requirements in the Virginia Environmental Justice Act.

Proposals are due June 30, 2021.


Issue RFP:  May 19, 2021

Proposal Due Date:  June 30, 2021



Q&As will be compiled and posted here on a weekly basis. To submit a question please email APCoRenewableRFP2021@aep.com

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